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After being ripped from their reality, 5555 Dudelz had no choice but to fuse with nearby artwork to prevent from melting away completely. Now these abstract entities are seeking a new place to call home.



The Dudelz Collection was created because I wanted to add a bit more colour to mine and everyones lives. I wanted to create something different and unique, that was both fun, and full of colour, that you would be proud to hang on your wall.

With the perfect balance of vibrant colours, eccentric expressions and a touch of class, these quirky abstract characters will brighten up any home, bar, cafe or gallery. We hope they bring you as much joy as as they do for us.


Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 7.50.12 am.png


Our Discord community is a great place to meet like minded individuals, learn more about what we are doing and to stay up to date on announcements and upcoming mints. We also host project chat sessions and games, because we love to giveaway goodies. We hope you see you there.


Dudelz are part of a broader project with a diverse roadmap and multiple collections. We want to constantly push the boundaries of our capabilities and offer new and unique styles of art to the world.

OS Collection Web Image (1).png
OS Collection Web Image.png

A tantalising collection of 11,110 Melted Dudz that can be created by inserting an existing Dudelz and a SPARQ Cell into MYNT-X or by minting one during the public sale.

They are a way to thank and reward our existing Dudelz holders with an even crazier looking NFT to add to their collection as well as a way to grow our amazing community.


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